Inspiration, Innovation and Impact – the BPS Division of Counselling Psychology Conference, 2014

A newly qualified CoP’s reflections of the DCoP conference last month

Dr Sue Whitcombe

London, 10th July – the eve of my second Division of Counselling Psychology conference – my first as Dr Sue Whitcombe, no longer a trainee.  The pre-conference hype promised much.  A veritable feast of renowned keynote speakers, an enticing menu of topical research and some tasty workshops.

The buzz was already palpable in the balmy Summer evening.  An informal get-together at Tate Britain followed by some food and drink in a local hostelry provided a great opportunity to both re-acquaint and meet new colleagues before the formal conference opening.  Paul Gilbert’s keynote address was inspirational, striking a chord with my own personal philosophy.  A compassion focus seems so natural, so innate to me, in enabling the people I work with to address their self-blame, their helplessness.  Helping them to understand that much of what they think, do and feel is not their fault.  Empowering them to take responsibility to “be…

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