Call for participants – qualified counselling psychologists

call for participants

Farah Mitha is undertaking a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at City University. She would like to invite qualified counselling psychologists to help with her research.  Here is her recruitment advert:

Mindfulness is seen to have particular relevance to the work of counselling psychologists. However, there is limited research around the experience of psychologists delivering this intervention, especially those who have not received formal training (i.e. 8-week mindfulness training), or supervision with an accredited mindfulness teacher.

This study aims to capture the nuanced essence of these counselling psychologist’s experience of mindfulness in their private and clinical lives.

I am looking for counselling psychologists who practice mindfulness privately and informally – that being you incorporate mindfulness activities in your daily life such as mindfulness breathing, checking their awareness and attention thought the day and being mindful during daily activities (i.e. walking, eating) and incorporate it in your clinical practice (i.e. through mindfulness interventions or mindfulness based therapies such as ACT, DBT).

You should not have received formal training in mindfulness via an authorized mindfulness centre (i.e. 8 week training or more), and you should not be practicing mindfulness under the regular supervision of a trained mindfulness teacher (i.e. individually or within retreats).

Your participation would involve one interview session, of approximately 60 minutes. All the information collected will be made anonymous and kept confidential

For more information about this study, or to take part, please contact:

Farah Mitha on 07958 340011 or research is supervised by Dr. Daphne Josselin

This study has been reviewed by, and received ethics clearance through the Psychology Department Research Ethics Committee, City University London. Ethics approval number Reference: PSYETH (T/L) 14/15 235


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