Sadism, masochism and the DCoP conference

On reflection, I am not sure why I had left it until my final stages of training to attend the Divisional conference. I am a final year trainee at City University, and after taking a couple of year’s maternity leave, I came back to the course to finish writing up my research. Having been “outContinue reading “Sadism, masochism and the DCoP conference”

Inspiration, Innovation and Impact – the BPS Division of Counselling Psychology Conference, 2014

Originally posted on Dr Sue Whitcombe:
London, 10th July – the eve of my second Division of Counselling Psychology conference – my first as Dr Sue Whitcombe, no longer a trainee.  The pre-conference hype promised much.  A veritable feast of renowned keynote speakers, an enticing menu of topical research and some tasty workshops. The buzz…