Counselling Psychology is in the eye of the beholder

It’s a very interesting discussion that has been stirred up, by Dr Russel Ayling and Emily Brookes, around the essence of the Counselling Psychologist: a discussion that seems to be lurking underneath the surface of most modules that I have attended as part of my Doctorate course, discussions with colleagues, conference material and even theContinue reading “Counselling Psychology is in the eye of the beholder”

What do Counselling Psychologists do?

As Russel Ayling published his blog post on branding last week I was experiencing some of the issues he speaks about in situ. I was trying to explain to a friend newly embarking on her clinical training what it is that counselling psychologists actually do. The conversation had come about when she told me thatContinue reading “What do Counselling Psychologists do?”

Branding counselling psychologists!

Medics often brand themselves as illness specialists: we suffer because we’re ill; a bit of us is broken, we’ll fix that by cutting something off or adding a pill; if you’re lucky, you’ll be cured. I polarise, of course, and many medics such as Joanna Moncrieff and David Zigmond (see his blog post in theContinue reading “Branding counselling psychologists!”