What can we learn from the history of sexology?

Originally posted on Rewriting The Rules:
This morning I was very excited to be included on Radio 4’s Today Programme talking about the new Wellcome Collection exhibition: The Institute of Sexology. You can listen to the piece on their website (it aired around 12 minutes to 9). The radio piece also meant that I got…

Autogynephilia: Aroused by the Image of Yourself as the Opposite Sex

Sex and gender are topics that trainees often complain are insufficiently taught on counselling psychology programmes.  One remedy for this is to read widely – and first person accounts are a great way of doing this.  In this blog post, Joseph Burgo investigates a phenomenon where individuals take themselves as a particular gendered person, asContinue reading “Autogynephilia: Aroused by the Image of Yourself as the Opposite Sex”